Inclusive Tele Consultations

Are your clients unable to use tele consultation themselves - due to economic, digital literacy, or health reasons?
Use Tele Sathi to do assisted/moderated tele consultations


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Consultation Records

Register Client. Consultation notes. Upload file attachments. Full consultation history.

Consultation Scheduling

Scheduled consultations. Also, adhoc consultation sessions. Client queue.

Organisation and People

Add Consultants and Moderators. Control access. Choose their own language.


Video call. Jointly consult. Share with client.

How to start?

  • Signup your organisation
  • Add your consultants and moderators. You can register them or they can register themselves.
  • Schedule repeated sessions. One-time sessions can also be used. Moderators can add clients (like patients in tele-medicine use case) ahead of time.
  • Consult your clients. Video/audio call, write consultation records, make private notes, refer to past records, give orders/recommendations/prescription.
  • Share order/recommendation/output with client. Moderator prints or shares image with client.

Moderated Tele Consultations

In moderated tele-consultation, unlike the regular tele-consultation the client (e.g. patient) doesn't join the one-self. Your clients connects with your own remote moderators, who assists your clients in consulting with you.
The tele-session is established between one or more remote consultants and moderators. The clients join the session from the moderators' end.
Apart from assisting clients in accessing the tele-consultation service the moderators can/may also perform pre and post consultation activities like registering, queuing, screening, providing consultation output to the clients.

moderated tele consultation

Not Just for Health Professionals

Tele Sathi is generic and is for multiple domains

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Tele Medicine
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Legal Consultation
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Tax, Finance, Govt Work
Advisors, Accountants, Agents

How Tele Sathi Helps

You don't have to code to create your own site. Your clients do not need to signup and use the service themselves.

They can contact the local moderator, who can assist them to your avail tele consultation service (registration, queue placement, sharing consultant's advice/recommendations as image or printout)

Your moderators can use the language they are comfortable in.

Their app will change in the language of their choice.

Moderators can also do preliminary screening / preparation and consultants can access those observations.

Moderators can capture their own notes that will become part of the the client record.

Reports, Android App, Direct Beneficiary Connect, Zoom Integration (coming next)

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